Food Forward TV

A show about people changing the way we eat in America

Climbing the mountain, one step at a time

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It’s strange, how long and tirelessly one can persevere toward a goal, toward something that is so close to you, so important. Many times it doesn’t even seem like work or even that challenging at all. Other times, it really does keep you up at night and create self-doubt.

Many people said we couldn’t do this, any of it. It’s too expensive. It’s too much work. You’ve never produced a successful show before. Your ideas are not new. But they also said, if you believe enough and don’t give up, it will happen.

And we’re doing it. We’ve reached two of our four major goals and cut two trailers that we’re very proud of. The exciting part is, the best is yet to come. We continue to hone our craft and our vision for this show and are confident as we move forward that the money will come. We are reassured every day that America wants good food TV and we want to make it happen.

Now, when we step back and watch our series trailer for the umpteenth time, critically analyzing all of the tiny changes we would make if we had more time and money, we realize that we’ve created something that’s bigger than ourselves. We are part of this good food movement and hope to help more people change the way we eat.


Written by stettholbrook

July 26, 2010 at 6:31 pm

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  1. I really, REALLY like what you guys are doing. Stick with it I’m sure your show will become a great success. I’m writing an article to promote your show for my blog as we speak!

    Andrea Stevens

    July 28, 2010 at 4:49 pm

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