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Partying with the Star Chefs

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David Kinch was the first person we shot for Food Forward. I’m a huge fan of Manresa, his restaurant in Los Gatos, Calif. As a chef who has his own biodynamic farm, he immediately got what we were trying to do with our show and became an enthusiastic supporter. Check out an early trailer featuring Kinch here. Turns out he was going to be in NYC the same time as us for the Star Chef’s conference and we wanted to hook up for a drink. The only night that worked was our last night.

He was headed to a invite-only cocktail party at the Theater Bar in Tribeca and suggested we meet there. Of course we weren’t on list of the officious guy with the clipboard  manning the door. We parked right out front in our uncool crew minivan and schemed how we were going to get in. Suddenly Kinch pulled up in a cab right next to us. He had just come from a five hour meal with Vogue food writer Jeffrey Steingarten. Article in the works? We jumped out of the van and bumrushed the door with Kinch. When the guy with the clipboard told us again that we weren’t on the list Kinch told him we were his film crew. (Which was true; we just weren’t filming then).  It worked. We were in.

The bar was packed with a who’s who of U.S. chefs. Not usually my scene but there was great energy in there. The bar divided the place into two rooms. We were grunged out from 14 hours of production. Greg wore his Santa Cruz sweatshirt while I clutched a briefcase stuffed full with shot discs from the camera. The VIP section was behind the bar, closed off from the rest of the place. Kinch ducked down a flight of stairs that took us under the bar, into a kitchen and up another flight of stairs hung with photos of Mick Jagger, Sarah Jessica Parker and other celebs. When we popped up we on the other side of the bar, hanging with the cool kids with free drinks to boot. Food Forward thanks you for a good time, David.


Written by stettholbrook

September 22, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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