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Eating under the gun

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Over the course of five days of shooting in New York City we hardly had time to stop and eat, let alone pause to enjoy the sights. I saw Central Park, Union Square, John Lennon’s apartment building, the New York Times building, the UN, the Brooklyn bridge, and lots of other attractions, but all at about 100 miles an hour. We’d pass them in our van on the way to another shoot and quickly see them disappear in the rearview mirror.

As a food critic it was hard to drive by so many good restaurants and not be able to stop. On our last night Greg and I did stop to eat some good food. We hit Michael White’s Convivio, the chef out to unseat Mario Batali as the city’s No. 1 interpreter of Italian food. But to get there we had to walk a gauntlet of security. The UN was in session and nearby streets were cleared of all cars except the unmarked police and burly SUVs with tinted windows. Police wearing helmets and brandishing M-16s walked up and down the high rent streets just off the East River. The food at Convivio was great as expected. Fussili with braised pork ragu, roasted lamb chops and braised octopus in a tomato sauce. Best of all was a great bottle of Sardinian wine. Not a bad way to wrap a frenetic trip to NYC.


Written by stettholbrook

September 22, 2010 at 2:08 pm

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