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How Sweet It Is

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After five frenetic days in New York City I confess I was looking forward to slowing down a bit in Milwaukee and catching our breath. Our plan was to visit Sweet Water Organics, an aquaponics operation inside a former factory near downtown Milwaukee. They grow herbs and lettuces in conjunction with perch and tilapia in a closed loop system.

About two hours after touching down in Milwaukee from NYC we rolled up on Sweet Water, an unremarkable looking building with little to reveal what’s inside. But as soon as we walked in I realized this wasn’t going to be a place to chill out. The energy of the people and ideas behind Sweet Water are enough to power New York City. I was tired after five days of very little sleep but Sweet Water quickly recharged my batteries.

What’s makes Sweet Water standout in our story about urban ag is they have found a way to make it pay. Restaurants can’t get enough of their products. They’ve also created a large scale composting operation that is taking spoiled food off the hands of a local grocery store and providing new urban farms with the soil they need to get started. There are also plans to create urban village on the Sweet Water site with housing and an artists’ collective. Beyond the business side of Sweet Water, the Sweet Water Foundation works with kids and the community at large to share knowledge and inspire others to come up with solutions to broken models of industrial food production. The idea is the beneficiaries of this information feed it back to Sweet Water, a reciprocal system that mirrors the closed loop of Sweet Water’s aquaponics operation. So much for slowing down.


Written by stettholbrook

September 23, 2010 at 1:19 pm

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