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Wild food

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With our pilot episode on urban agriculture largely done, I’m starting to plot out future episodes and cast a net for new characters. One episode I’m really excited about is on wild food, i.e. mushroom foragers, wildcrafters, seaweed harvesters, herb gatherers and…hunters.

Yes, hunters. There’s a big disconnect between foodies who embrace sustainable and local food and hunters. It’s part of the urban/rural divide. The two groups  seldom talk to each other. As Iso Rabins of ForageSF told me in a recent interview: “There are two kinds of people in the U.S. Those who own guns and those who don’t. We have all these ideas about each other and a lot of them are wrong.”

If you eat meat and care about the source of your food, hunting seems like a logical thing to do. After all, a wild pig or deer lives a truly free range life free of antibiotics and cruel confinement.

Rabins recently bought a rifle and plans to go hog hunting for the first time. He is deeply immersed in the San Francisco Bay Area’s wild/sustainable food movement and says hunting is becoming cool among urban foodie hipsters.  As long as they take their hunter safety classes, I say that’s a good thing. Whatever brings people closer to the source of their food and the land that sustains it is progress. And it will make for good TV, too. Stay tuned.


Written by stettholbrook

February 18, 2011 at 11:34 pm

Posted in Hunting, wild food

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