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The road trip: getting ready to go

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The thing about cliches is they’re generally quite true. Case in point: Be careful what you wish for.

A few months ago my wife Deirdre and I hatched what we thought was a great plan–a cross-country road trip to research future Food Forward characters and promote the show. That idea has grown into what we now call the Food Forward Road Trip,  a four-month, 12,000-mile tour of the country to meet the food rebels who are changing the way we eat in America. To get there, we’ll pull a 26-foot, 1965 Airstream Overlander.

The Airstream arrives

Deirdre and I have long wanted to own a vintage Airstream. Greg shares our love of these trailers, too. So now we’ve got one. For being 45 years old the trailer is in really good shape. Deirdre has taken on the task of giving the interior an eco remodel. She’s working with some great local designers and craftspeople. It’s going to look great. Pictures to come.

Coming with us on the trip will be my son Everett (6) and my daughter Ava (3). Everett is particularly excited about the trip, mainly because he gets out of school a month early. I think he’ll find other reasons to be excited, too. Greg will coordinate with us from mission control in the Bay Area.

I’m so busy packing, subleasing our house, forwarding mail, raising funds, making minor repairs on the trailer, and looking for a truck (Yes, we still need a truck. Anybody got a diesel Ford or Dodge we can use?) that I haven’t really been able to absorb what it is we’re about to do: drive across the country to meet my heroes: people who are creating a more delicious, more sustainable food system. And I have to confess the trip feels a bit daunting at times. What will it be like living on the road with two young kids? Will I lose my mind? Will it get too hot in the summer (probably)? Will Greg and I be able to accomplish all we set out to do?

Careful what you wish for indeed. For now this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity feels like an insane amount of work to get it ready. I haven’t allowed myself to get excited. There’s no time for that. I know there will be bumps on the road (another cliche) literally and figuratively, but I’m confident once we pull out of Santa Cruz (May 2 if all goes well) the trip will feel like a wish come true.


Written by stettholbrook

April 11, 2011 at 4:51 pm

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  1. Hello, Food Forward,

    Was I ever happy to find out about you! And I’m hoping you will be happy to find out about us because we are two moms on a mission to change the way America eats. You can find us at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @nurtnat. We show people how to connect yesterday’s pantry with today’s kitchen and bust the myths that eating healthy is expensive and time consuming. We offer simple, effective ways for even the busiest person to eat real, nutrient dense foods.

    If your road trip brings you to the north Pittsburgh, PA area, stop by and say “hi”! We’ll cook you up a feast of grass-fed beef, eggs laid from our backyard chickens, baked goods with xylitol and sucanat, fresh veggies from our own garden (and the CSA right down the road), and a nice, tall glass of delicious raw milk.

    Best wishes on your adventure! And may many more Americans change the way they eat as a result of what you are doing.

    Ruth Ann Bowen
    Co-Founder, Nurturing Naturally
    Twitter: @nurtnat

    Ruth Ann Bowen

    April 14, 2011 at 2:09 am

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