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When I came up with the name Food Forward I think I had the term “fashion forward” in mind, i.e. someone who wears clothes that are bold, innovative and even edgy. That’s what I wanted Food Forward to be about, people creating innovative and bold solutions to an industrial food system gone off the rails. Food rebels.

It’s my secret desire to make food forward a term that people throw around as in: “Oh man. Check out that guy’s rooftop farm and rabbit hutch. He’s so food forward.”

But what exactly makes someone food forward and the kind of person I’d like to feature on Food Forward?

One of the best compliments I got was at the premiere screening of our pilot earlier this month at the Sonoma International Film Festival. After seeing our pilot episode on urban agriculture, a woman asked how we found such compelling characters. The answer is we spend a lot of time vetting potential characters in search of those who will be right for our show. To me that means the person has to satisfy several requirements.

They have to be engaged in some really food forward behavior. It’s not enough that they grow organic tomatoes. Lots of people do that. But if they grow organic tomatoes in soil composted from supermarket waste and are teaching inner-city youth how to grow and open small businesses selling compost and value added tomato products, now you’re talking food forward.

But doing something food forward isn’t enough. This is TV we’re making and as righteous and cool as someone’s work may be if that person can’t project passion, humor and pathos on camera they might as well be sitting at a desk reading a cue card. We want to inspire and entertain our viewers as well as educate them.

Finally, a good candidate for Food Forward has to be working on something that’s scaleable and can impact the food system at large. I’m all for crazy ideas and fringe thinking, but if there’s no larger contribution to the common good what’s the point?

If you know anyone who fits this description please send them my way.


Written by stettholbrook

April 22, 2011 at 4:21 am

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  1. My girlfriend and I run EatLocal365, a blog dedicated to eating 100% locally (in NYC), all year round.

    We do 85 – 95% of our food shopping at the green markets, and that includes 85% of our produce, 100% of our meat, 100% of our dairy, and 80% of our cheese. We’ve lived this lifestyle successfully for an entire year now. It started as an experiment but now we’re never turning back. I lost 40 pounds, which I attribute to the reduction in processed foods and added sugars, and the metabolic effects of sugar that are just now being discovered (see the NYTimes magazine article from last week – fascinating).

    The blog came about because everyone we know was interested in what we were doing and interested in incorporating some of it into their own lives. Really the blog is a how-to on all the cooking and other lifestyle skills that we have lost over the course of two generations, and that we had to rediscover. The first step in teaching people how to eat locally is to teach them how to cook again. Our posts are therefore less about the recipes and more about thorough documentation through pictures and explanation. We don’t want to take any cooking knowledge for granted. We’ve gotten great feedback that this is what people love about the site.

    So far we’ve focused on building a stable of recipes (and seeing how well we got through the “dark days” of winter on a local diet). Now we are busy working on the rest of our content, such as “about us” and “how to get started eating locally.” We’ve got plans for the future of the site and more tools that we want to give to the average person to ease them into local shopping and local cooking.

    We were successful in shifting the way that we live, and now we want to share that success and help to educate others. Contact me if you are interested in learning more, and good luck with the show!



    April 22, 2011 at 2:28 pm

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