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Food Forward TV at Expo West 2012

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Stett Holbrook hauls a case of delicious Lagunitas IPA to the VIP screening at the OV suite in the Anaheim Hilton.

A year ago Greg and I came down to Expo West, the biggest natural food trade show in the country, feeling like we’d sneaked into a huge invite-only party. Every major and minor brand under the organic, natural, green, and wanna be-green umbrella was there, and with a fledgling TV series we were trying to fund, we dashed from one appointment to another, gobbling free samples in lieu of lunch, handing out stickers and basically talking to just about anyone who would listen.

We made some great connections and were fortunate to initiate partnerships with Organic Valley, Annie’s Homegrown and Animal Welfare Approved. We’re still on the fundraising trail, but that trip to Expo proved to be immensely important to Food Forward. Making TV is part art and part sales effort but at the beginning it’s really all sales.

Coming back this year it feels a lot different. We’re still hungry, but we’ve grown and now have more experience under our belts. We we’re still taking meetings and pressing stickers into people’s hands, but the big reason for coming this year was to screen the first episode of Food Forward before a select group of invitees and to thank everyone who helped us get this far. We held the screening in Organic Valley’s Hilton suite and the good folks at Lagunitas Brewing Company provided the beer. We also brought on Stonyfield Farm as our final episode sponsor and were happy to see Gary and their top brass in attendance, too. After the obligatory technical problems and a few moments of panic we got the episode up and running. I’ve seen it 100 times so I spent the half hour watching other people’s reactions. It looked like everybody liked it.

Given the financial, organizational and personal pressures we’ve endured, it’s a wonder TV–at least good TV–gets made at all, so it was fun to take a short victory lap and thank everyone who has helped us get this far. We still have a ways to go toward producing the rest of the series (12 more episodes!) but I feel good about how far we’ve come.


Written by stettholbrook

March 15, 2012 at 7:53 pm

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  1. This looks like an excellent show, and one more reason why we should support our locally grown produce farmers, and the local televisions stations airing important shows like this one.
    Barbara Frym
    Lombard, Illinois

    Barbara Frym

    April 19, 2012 at 5:08 am

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